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Helping You Determine Your Debt Relief Options

If you are currently dealing with creditor harassment, threats of foreclosure or vehicle repossession, wage garnishment, and overwhelming debt, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy and debt relief. Bankruptcy offers you a way to erase your debts and gain a fresh financial start, but the process can be incredibly complex. An attorney will be able to help you determine if you should file for bankruptcy, whether or not you qualify, and which type you should file for—Chapter 7 or Chapter 13—based on your particular situation. An attorney can even help you determine if you may qualify for other forms of debt relief, such as debt settlement.

At Burgess Law Firm, we practice bankruptcy law. Our Batesville debt relief attorney can help you learn more about how filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you regain control of your finances. We assist clients throughout Independence County with all aspects of debt relief; call us today for an initial consultation.

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What Debts Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Eliminate?

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges, or erases, the majority of your debts. The process removes your personal liability for dischargeable pre-filing debts and prevents creditors from attempting to collect said debts.

Some of the most common types of dischargeable debts include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Overdue and late fees
  • Medical bills
  • Pre-filing utility bills
  • Personal loans
  • Vehicle accident claims
  • Certain unpaid taxes and penalties
  • Civil court judgments
  • Business debts
  • Loans from veterans’ assistance programs
  • Unpaid/past due rent

In most cases, student loan debt is not dischargeable unless you can prove undue financial hardship. Additionally, you may not discharge alimony or child support by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Other debts, such as certain taxes, may not be dischargeable. It is best to discuss your unique situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Why Trust an Attorney?

While many debt relief and debt settlement companies advertise themselves to individuals and families struggling with large amounts of debt, you should be wary of these companies. Many so-called debt relief companies prey on debtors’ desperation, taking fees and offering little help in return.

Debt relief attorneys, on the other hand, offer a number of services designed to help you reduce or eliminate your debt altogether. At Burgess Law Firm, our Batesville-based debt relief lawyer can negotiate with creditors on your behalf to settle your debts. We can also represent you throughout bankruptcy proceedings, always keeping your goals and best interests in mind. Our firm provides compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy for our clients; find out how we can help you pursue debt relief today.

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At Burgess Law Firm, our clients come first. We understand just how difficult it is to face large amounts of debt, relentless creditors, and mounting fees. Our goal is to help you find a debt relief solution tailored to your unique situation and goals. We don’t employ a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we work one-on-one with each client to create a personalized plan of action. We have helped countless individuals and families in serious financial situations regain control of their finances and turn their lives around. If you are struggling to overcome significant debt, remember: there is hope. Read our client testimonials to see how we’ve helped other people in situations similar to yours.

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