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Child Support Lawyer

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After you decide to get divorced or separate from your spouse, there are a number of different issues that you will need to resolve. If you have children, one of these issues will be determining which parent is responsible for paying child support. Your child support agreement is one of the most important aspects of your divorce, which is why you need to secure the services of an experienced lawyer to ensure your rights are fully protected.

Arkansas law imposes a duty on each parent to support their minor children. If a couple seeking divorce has a minor child, the parent who is ultimately awarded custody over their child may be entitled to receiving child support from the noncustodial parent. The amount of child support is typically determined according to a Family Support Chart.

Judges generally consider the following things to determine if a parent should pay child support:

  • Important needs for the child, like health insurance, education, day care, and other special needs
  • The income of the custodial parent
  • Which parent has the ability to pay
  • The living standards the child was used to before the divorce

How Do I Enforce an Existing Child Support Order?

If your ex refuses to pay child support, you should immediately consult with our legal team to discuss your options. Our law firm has extensive resources that we will use to secure your past due child support payments. We can file a request for wage garnishment and other court mandated actions that will help you collect the payments you are entitled to.

Can I Modify Child Support Orders?

Have you lost your job and are now unable to keep up with your child support payments? If so, our legal professionals can review your case and help you modify your existing child support agreement. Contact our office to learn more about what we can do for you.

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At the Burgess Law Firm, we are committed helping clients in Batesville secure fair child support agreements. Whether you need help collecting child support or modifying an existing agreement, we are here to answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire legal process. Let us get to work on your case today.

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